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#Music - Songs you didn't know were covers - 001 - "Mickey"

For many of my generation just saying "Hey, Mickey!" is enough to get half of you humming the tune to Toni Basil's one-hit wonder from the early 80s. Decked out in pigtails and a cheerleader outfit, the forty-year-old Basil danced and chanted her way to the top of the American charts and a place in music history. However, the talented dancer was not the first to record the song. The tune was originally written for a group called Racey...and it was called "Kitty." Racey recorded Kitty for their 1979 album, and despite being written by the very successful Chapman/Chinn songwriting partnership, never released it as a single. So, Toni changed the name, added the cheerleader chant and scored the hit, and Racey? Well, had you heard of them before I brought them up? GSY