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Bright Lights #9 - Melodie Ramone - After Forever Ends

I'm biased, I admit it. Despite having lived in the US for *counts on fingers* several years, I still consider myself Scottish. I like to promote all things Scottish, whether its the proper pronunciation of words or reminding everyone of the fact that everything was invented by the Scots, I'm there. (NOTE: Everything WAS invented by the Scots. That's no idle boast. We can argue about that later...) So, when I was introduced to Melodie and found out her book contained a Scottish character and that she herself had some Scottish blood running through her veins, I had to interview her. Fortunately, she agreed and so without further ado...I give you Miss Melodie Ramone Melodie Ramone Q - Hello Melodie, tell me a little about your book After Forever Ends.  After Forever Ends is the life story of a simple, yet extraordinary Scottish girl who meets an anything but average Welsh boy that changes her world forever. The book is really about a lot of things. It’s

Bright Lights #8 - Pippa Jay - Terms and Conditions Apply

I'm a huge fan of science fiction so, I'm delighted to have the colorfully coiffed Miss Pippa Jay swing by my blog. Pippa hails from drizzly old Blighty, knows her Sith from her Cybermen and is a published author of sci-fi with a little smooching. Read on and find out more...  Pippa Jay Q - Hi Pippa, tell me a little about your new book Terms and Conditions Apply Terms & Conditions Apply is a science fiction romance short with a somewhat controversial HEA. (Spartan says: HEA=Happy Ever After) I wrote it for an anthology call that unfortunately never went ahead, but the original owner gave me permission to use the premise and publish it. The story was a personal challenge as it specified 'hot' romance, and keeping my word count low was a struggle! It was also the first time I'd written something where I didn't get to chose the setting. Oooooh! Q - You're the first of my interviewees who writes sci-fi (with a touch of romance), can you

Bright Lights #7 - Laura Oliva - All That Glitters

If you don't know what a "SQUEEEEE!" is then you don't talk to many writers on the internet. SQUEEEEE is the sound you'll hear if you catch a new writer in the wild. Oftentimes the sound is accompanied by the another sound: excited hand clapping and the visual emotifest of a wide range of emoticons. This is the sound of a new writer debuting a cover, or a new book to the world. And this is mostly what I heard when I was wandering Twitter one day and bumped into Laura Oliva! This week marks the release of Laura's debut novel - All That Glitters - and so, while she's giddy and in a blethering mood, I decided to join her SQUEEEEing and ask her a few questions along the way. And, despite her excitement, she was able to give some fantastically in depth and insightful answers. My thanks to Laura for stopping by the blog.  Laura Oliva Q - Hello Laura, tell me a little about your new book All That Glitters A - Hey Gus! Thanks again for having me over.