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Seven Questions for A.J. Aalto

The ever elusive, but always awesome, A.J. Aalto has returned to my blog to answer #SevenQuestions. (She really can't say no to a snickers bar.) Check out her original interview here:  AJ Aalto Since her last visit, A.J. has written several more "Marnie Baranuik Files" stories. The psychic detective remains in great demand, with her most recent adventure, "Wrath & Bones" getting stellar reviews over on Amazon. Please check out A.J.'s links below. And now, without further ado, here are the answers the world wants to know to the questions no one really cares about. lol. A.J. Aalto 1 - Which character from another book/series would you like to bring into your own series? I don't know how it would work, but I'd bring Silk from David Eddings's Belgariad into my series. I think he and Marnie would get along famously. 2 - Which actor/actress would you love to see play your characters in a movie adaptation?  I'd love to see Zoe De

"You keep using that word..."

Inigo Montoya (The Princess Bride) Inigo Montoya is not wrong. As a writer, I think it's important to stretch my use of language as much as possible. Embrace new words, but keep the prose readable and clear. Except, the speed at which language is changing makes this a far more difficult proposition. We're all aware of words like IRREGARDLESS , a weird mutation because it's actually a longer word than the one it's been battling against: REGARDLESS . Nothing wrong with regardless. It's a perfectly good word. Irregardless just appeared and now it can be found in dictionaries. We also have LITERALLY which now literally means exactly what it means AND exactly the opposite of what it means. Which makes it literally, but not figuratively, pointless. Then there's NONPLUSSED which means the opposite of how it's often used...and like literally is now pretty much interchangeable for both meanings. I'm nonplussed by this whole situation

Seven Questions for S.J. Cairns

The scintillating S.J Cairns stopped by to shoot the shi...breeze. So, I asked her seven questions on subjects stretching from her international best-seller, SOUL DISCOVERY (check out the book links and my review below!), to stuff that's just silly. Enjoy! S.J. Cairns 1 - Which actress would you love to see play your main character Sophie in a movie adaptation of your book Soul Discovery? In the beginning I never put a celebrity's face on Sophie. I thought of a young Katie Holmes, though if an on screen adaptation occurred, I'd want an unknown with bitching acting skills. 2 - Leather or lace? Do I HAVE to choose?? I'm a leather AND lace kind of girl. Especially of the black lace variety. But I love my leather shit-kickers and jacket. Couldn't give either of them up. 3 - What is your biggest phobia? My biggest phobia is open water. Drowning isn't fun. A cruise is nowhere close to my bucket list. 4 - On the days you're not feeling moti