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Bright Lights #14 - AJ Aalto - Death Rejoices

Back in the days of the woolly Mammoths, when tribes of humans wandered the land, one small group of people (or monkey-people like in the movies) surveyed the unending forests and snow fields of the North and said, "This will do nicely, eh?" These people are called Canadians. A common misconception about Canadians is that they all love hockey, but I'm here to...wait, what? Oh. Never mind. They do all like hockey.  Anyway, what is not so well known is that they write stories. Authors come from Canada too! Yes! If you recently perused a copy of The English Patient, Anne of Green Gables or The Life of Pi, you were looking at Canadian stuff. All joking aside, today I have another fantastic Canadian author visiting my blog. AJ Aalto comes armed with an acerbic wit and side order of snark. I asked her to stop by and talk about the adventures of her psychic detective, Marnie Baranuik.  AJ Aalto Q - Hi AJ, tell me a little about your new book. Death Rejoices is the se

Bright Lights #13 - Andrew F. Butters - Losing Vern

My recent participation in the Orange Karen Anthology once again highlighted the changing face of book publishing. It brought together experienced writers with first time writers and imbued everyone with a sense of togetherness. After publication, I expected the various members of #teamOrange to fade back into their own worlds, but the group has remained united, supportive of one another through social media forms and even *gasp* the real world. So, over the next couple of months, I've lined up a bunch of new interviews with members of #teamOrange . Andrew F. Butters is Canadian, so he enjoys watching burly skaters fight with sticks. (I believe the locals call it HOCKEY). And, despite being being blessed with some brains, he accidentally set fire to himself with such flair, he got to write about it in a Darwin Awards book. Fortunately, he's still here and he's still writing... Andrew F. Butters Q - Hi Andrew, your short story "Losing Vern" was recentl