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100 Favorite Movies (100-091)

Ah, the nerdish beauty of a big list! First of all, a big shout out to my friend Alan Bain. He started this one. He sleeps about as much as I do so, he has to find ways to fill in the insomnia hours. He sent me his Top 100 and thus the debate was started. Secondly, feel free to offer comment and critique but know that I'm RIGHT and you're WRONG...or I just forgot one. And Thirdly, and maybe most importantly, this list is not about critical darlings or most important movies ever, just my FAVORITE movies. They're not in a particular order but I've tried to keep them in the ballpark of where they would lie if I thought harder about it.  The top 3 are separated by the thinest of slivers...but that's later. Let's start at 100 and work our way back... :0) 100  POLTERGEIST (1982) - Yeah I said it! Without apology, I put forward Poltergeist as one of my favorites simply because I have enjoyed this movie since the first time I saw it. A wonderfully likable c

I'll sleep when I'm dead...

You may have noticed that the frequency of my posts has severly diminished in the last few months. This isn't due to a lack of interest or even due to the fact I'm chained and trapped in the basement (help me, these chains are chafing...), instead it's entirely to do with my lousy time management skills. I mean to improve in the coming weeks but I'm trying to squeeze 28 hours worth of stuff into a 24 hour day. So, I either figure out to change the rotation of the Earth (my early calculations relied on having Superman available - turns out he's not due to the filming of his new movie) or, give up sleeping entirely. Luckily (?) for me, I don't need much sleep to operate. Sure, I shamble along like a zombie and frighten small children when I point at them and growl "Braaaaiiinzzz" but, my four hours a night doesn't seem to be effe....zzzzzzzz... ...ummm... As you can see, my lack of sleep barely effects my writing performance. This is a great