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100 Favorite Movies (070-061)

This is part four of my 100 Favorite Movies. Counting down from  070-061 . Part 1 can be seen here:   100-091 Part 2 can be seen here:   090-081 Part 3 can be seen here:  080-071 ...and now for Part 4... 070  The Mothman Prophecies (2002) - This one is a slow have to be patient. Richard Gere stars as a reporter who is drawn to a small town in West Virginia where the locals report seeing a mysterious Mothman and other strange occurrences. He is drawn to the story because of things his wife said to him before she passed away after a car accident. His obsession with the Mothman is increased further when he learns of the small town and starts to experience some unexplained things for himself. And then one night in his motel, the mysterious Indrid Cold calls his phone. This one is creepy rather than scary. Are things happening because of something easily explainable or because of some mysterious creature who seems to haunt the dreams of one of the locals? A nice