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Seven Questions for Ashley Graham

Greetings, Earthlings! It's Monday and time once again to lure an unsuspecting writer to my blog to grill them with my #SevenQuestions. Ashley Graham is currently buried in edits for her debut novel, All The Stars Left Behind, which will be released in 2018 by  Entangled Teen . You can follow Ashley by checking out the links below. But first...the questions... 1 - Which actor/actress would you love to see play your characters in a movie adaptation? Kristofer Hivju is exactly who I pictured for ALL THE STARS LEFT BEHIND's Uncle Arne. I saw him as Tormund Giantsbane in GoT and it was this instant...AHA! YES! And Mads Sjøgård Pettersen is Roar Bakke exactly! For Leda, my kick ass heroine, someone like Taapsee Pannu would be perfect! 2 - Leather or lace? Being a vegan, leather is out for me lol! Lace is kind of scratchy, but if it's over a top of a satiny texture, bring it on! 3 - What is your biggest phobia? Don't laugh.... My biggest phobia is people not lik

Seven Questions for Gordon Bonnet

Writer...teacher...blogger...runner...player of several musical instruments...Gordon usually does more before lunch on a Monday than I get done all week. Despite that he still had time to stop by and answer #SevenQuestions. Show off. 1 - Which actor/actress would you love to see play your characters in a movie adaptation? Right now I’m working on the fifth in my series called the Parsifal Snowe Mysteries, which are murder mysteries that center around a detective agency whose staff all have different psychic abilities. For Seth Augustine, the dashing and suave psychometer — who can pick up emotional traces from objects people handle — I think it’d have to be Liam Hemsworth. His girlfriend Bethany Hale, who has precognitive dreams, I’m thinking Zooey Deschanel, who could pull off the elegant, intelligent character she is. My favorite of the detectives, Callista Lee, is a telepath; she’s the oddest of the regular characters, and has an eerie streak that makes me think of Ve

Seven Questions for Alex Kimmell

Some people are just a glutton for punishment! Alex Kimmell bravely agreed to stop by my blog for the second time and answer #SevenQuestions. If you're a fan of horror, be sure to check out his website link below. Over to Alex... 1 - Which actor/actress would you love to see play your characters in a movie adaptation? Initially when I’m writing, I try not to get too specific in what the characters look like. I prefer if their appearance develops in my head over time along with other details in the story, unless there is a very specific feature or trait that’s important to their behavior. However, in the early stages of writing “the Idea of North” I took the opposite route. I went online and looked for faces that gave me an immediate reaction for how I wanted each person to look. I use writing software called Scrivener which has space to create characters and add photos along with their descriptions and I set up a folder with everyone laid out. Here is a quick list of the

Seven Questions for Vania Rheault

Today I'm very happy to welcome the vivacious Vania Rheault to this venerated blog. As usual, I've vigorously asked ALL the vital questions in the hope for some valid and vivid responses. Okay, I'll be quiet now. Ahem. Vania Rheault Are you scared of running out of ideas? No. If anything, I am the complete opposite. I have so many ideas right now and it’s so frustrating writing takes so much time! Right now I am writing a naughty novella series I plan to self-publish. I’m also working on my NaNoWriMo project from last year. Incidentally, that project spawned a sister that I am 12,000 words into. I don’t want to waste a 75,000 word manuscript, but I don’t have the heart to fix it right now. I wrote a short story some time ago that I would love to see written into a full length novel or trilogy. I have two YA novels bumping around in my head. I also would love to start a tart-noir series about a female detective. Everyone talks about growing up Nancy Drew, but I wo