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4000 Followers - The Cult of Twitter

Normally, all I have to look forward to on the 26th of January is the birthday of my best pal Andrew. It's fun, sending my annual message celebrating his impending entry into the archaelogical record (see? he's old! lol...right? *high five*) *tumbleweed* Yeah, ok. Anyway, this year a different milestone was reached and I felt I should comment here on my blog. I got my 4000th follower on Twitter! Sure, I'm no Kanye, Bieber or Taylor Swift with a bajillion crazy, foaming at the mouth lunatics waiting to find out what I'm having for dinner but somehow, I've grown a small following. Now, for those of you who don't know much about Twitter, I should point out that not everyone follows you for your dazzling wit or access into the deep, dark recesses of your mind. Some of your followers might not even be real people. You've got spammers and psuedo-accounts, you've got those who just want you to "follow-back" and some who follow you so you foll

Bright Lights #4 - Megan Paasch

Twitter can oftentimes be a mass of anonymous faces flashing by on your timeline. If you're trying to build a following, to serve your purposes as a writer, there will be many people you barely interact with. Plugging books and posting their new blog, they remain relatively unknown to you. Occasionally though, as you strive to interact, one may tweet back.  Megan Paasch is, in her own words, a writer, wife and frazzled mother of 2. Crafty knitter, chatty geekazoid, worshipper of avocados & Medieval history nut. (That's the actual blurb from her Twitter profile). I've followed Megan for a while (that's twitter speak, and not the admission of a crazed serial killer) and so when I decided to launch this series of interviews it was a no-brainer for me to ask her to drop by and share her opinions and insights on writing.  As you are about to find out, Megan is smart, funny and passionate about her writing. And although she doesn't have a book out...YET, she