Seven Questions for Lo-arna Green

It's #SevenQuestions time again. Lucky number twelve on the blog is Lo-arna Green. Just to prove that not all writers who appear on my blog are from North America, Lo-arna is a writer and poet who hails from the spider-infested hellscape of Australia. Not only have the spiders not gotten her yet, but she also had time to answer a few of my silly questions. Be sure to check out her links at the end of the interview!

1 - Who would play you in a movie version of your life?

Someone very clumsy and gremlin-like.

2 - If you weren't able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself?

I always wanted to be an actress, more so than a writer. My Mum thought I was funny. She used to say, “acting won’t pay the bills, you need a back up job. What will that be?” I would always answer the same, “writing,” she would laugh and shake her head. I’m not a conventional person. I never will be… so I guess I would do that if I wasn’t able to write. I would love to paint and draw beautifully but I am severely lacking in that art department.

3 - Are you scared of running out of ideas?

Sure. I also worry my ideas suck, but I figure words will never go away so as long as there are words, I will find something to write about.

4 - Sweet or sour?


5 - Sun or Moon?

Both are beautiful but I’m going to go with sun since I’m usually always cold.

6 - Favorite curse word?

FUCK. So much flavour and diversity.

7 - Leather or lace?

Lace, definitely.

Short and sweet. Thank you for stopping by Lo-arna.







  1. Great Interview Gareth and Lo-arna! Giggled a bunch and only love Lo-arna even more!

  2. Great job! I'm a sun girl myself.


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