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Seven Questions for Shay West

Don't say you don't get high quality guests on my blog. This week we have a DOCTOR in the house. Not satisfied with just being Dr West, Shay is also a writer and she kindly agreed to stop by and answer my decidedly undoctorly questions. Please check out her social media and book links below. Now, over to the Doctor... 1 - If you could swap places with someone for a day...who? and why? I’d love to switch places with Taylor Swift just to see what it would be like to have unlimited money to travel and to be on stage singing to thousands of adoring fans! 2 - Leather or lace? I own a corset that is both of these... 3 - Who would play YOU in a movie version of your life? I would love to have Emma Stone play me in a movie. She is spunky, hilarious, and super good at karaoke! 4 - If you won $100 million on the lottery would you still write? Absolutely! I’d still probably keep my day job too (biology professor) 5 - Can you just sit down and write or do certain things:

Seven Questions for Lo-arna Green

It's #SevenQuestions time again. Lucky number twelve on the blog is Lo-arna Green. Just to prove that not all writers who appear on my blog are from North America, Lo-arna is a writer and poet who hails from the spider-infested hellscape of Australia. Not only have the spiders not gotten her yet, but she also had time to answer a few of my silly questions. Be sure to check out her links at the end of the interview! 1 - Who would play you in a movie version of your life? Someone very clumsy and gremlin-like. 2 - If you weren't able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself? I always wanted to be an actress, more so than a writer. My Mum thought I was funny. She used to say, “acting won’t pay the bills, you need a back up job. What will that be?” I would always answer the same, “writing,” she would laugh and shake her head. I’m not a conventional person. I never will be… so I guess I would do that if I wasn’t able to write. I would love to paint and draw bea

Seven Questions for Trina Gunzel

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed there was no #SevenQuestions last week. A small dose of the plague, and Halloween ghostliness, drained all my energy. However, I'm back, stronger and little less plaguey than before, and I bring you a FIRST for my blog. Trina Gunzel is today's answerer of the #SevenQuestions and she's predominantly a NON-FICTION writer! Never had a non-fiction writer on here before. I didn't know how to conduct myself. I hope she wasn't too terrified answering my barrage of questions. Anyway, Trina was kind enough to stop by and join in the fun so...take it away Trina! 1. If you could swap places with someone for a day...who? and why? I tend to write family keepsake boooks, children's books and educational resources, so the first thing that popped into my head with this question wasTinkerbell. Why? My nickname has been Tinkerbell since I was little and what's not to like? Being able to fly around dressed all