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R.S. Emeline Blog Tour

It's a banner day on my blog as I host a stop on R.S.Emeline's BLOG TOUR. And I didn't even have to bribe her with cake! :0) With a new novelette out for you to read: which can be purchased easily from AMAZON here - - >  Purrfect Storm (eBook)  < - -   now is a purrfect time...(see what I did there?) to get to know this wonderful author. Over beer and pretzels Tavin Chauncy, the Hero of my novelette, Purrfect Storm, opened up about life, the Marine Corps, and living in the present. --R.S. RS: What led to your decision to join the Marines? TC: I had something to prove to myself and my parents. The Corps seemed like the way to go. It got me away from my past. *laughs* At least, I thought it had. RS: Do you plan on getting out of the Marine Corps? TC: Only if they force me out. RS: So what is next for your career? TC: My command deploys to Afghanistan soon. RS: Oh wow. Thank you. TC: It’s what we do, but you’re welcome. RS