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The Cream always Rises

In 1996, Dana Carvey had a comedy show. Don't worry if you don't remember it, only 8 episodes were made before it was canceled. Why is this important enough to mention more than twenty years after the fact? Carvey was a huge deal in the mid-90s after a successful stint on Saturday Night Live, and appearing in Wayne's World and its sequel. ABC must've figured if he got a good writer's room they'd have winner. Looking back now, we are able to see that not only did Carvey have a good writer's room, he possibly had one of the greatest ever assembled. Granted, at that time, a lot of them were unproven, but since then almost every one of them has become a major name in comedy or movies. They were a proverbial Wrecking Crew of comedic talent... Louis CK (head writer) - now a hugely popular stand-up and auteur, who's had great success on television for a number of years... Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert - Both became famous through The