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Seven Questions for Kerriann Curtis

Say hello to the wonderful Kerriann Curtis, this week's victim of my #SevenQuestions!  I met Kerriann on twitter and she was all,  "That doesn't look difficult. I could answer your dumb questions." And I was all, "Yeah? You think so?" And she was like, "Pfft. Uh-huh." So I sent them and she answered them, like super-fast. And then I was all, "Huh. Well, it'll be December before I can post these." And then she got all up in my business and was like, "Whatever. I can wait. BOOOM." *mic drop* Or something like that. lol. I may have embellished somewhat. My memory isn't the best. Anyway, go check out Kerriann's answers and don't forget to check her links at the end! 1 - If you weren’t able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself? I would love to say that if I weren’t able to write, I would seamlessly transition to painting, sculpting or even dance but honestly these hands were made to wr