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TwitterTag...Baring my Soul

I was tagged by Holly Evans on Twitter and challenged to answer some personal, rather than book related, questions. You can hop over to Holly's blog chaosfoxwriting to check out her answers...and in the meantime, here are mine: One. What’s your biggest fear? That I'm not ACTUALLY immortal. I mean, so far this immortality thing has been a breeze, but I hear it's harder to manage when you get up into your 60s and 70s. Two. What’s your happiest memory? This is a tough one. I don't really have one stand out moment. Self-publishing my own book is up there though. Three. What’s your five year plan? lol. To have a five year plan would mean having a plan. I don't look too far ahead since that's how plans go awry. However, for the next year (or two) I want to write a fistful of books and hopefully go somewhere warm for a vacation. (And head back to Scotland to visit all my pale relatives) Four. What’s your favorite non-sexual intimate contact? Getting my hair washed. I