#movies - Wonder Woman - spoiler free review

A quick, spoiler-free #WonderWoman review...

I went to see this movie fearing the worst. DC have not had the best track record of late and there seemed to be seventy years of expectation resting on Gal Gadot's shoulders. Turns out, my fears were misplaced. DC have finally found a better balance in tone for one of their movies, and, in Gal Gadot, they have an excellent Wonder Woman.

Director Patty Jenkins has made no secret of the fact she's a fan of 1978's Superman, and there are a couple of visual nods to the classic Christopher Reeve movie. However, the spirit of Superman is most obvious in the chemistry between Diana and Steve Trevor, something that's been sadly lacking from the other DCEU movies. And most notably absent from the newer Superman movies.

Gadot owns the role and gives us much of what DC/WarnerBros missed the mark on with their "grim dark" superhero universe so far: optimism, charm, kindness, and humor - despite the wartime setting. And make no mistake, Wonder Woman kicks eight kinds of ass in this movie, and, more importantly, she has agency.

Patty Jenkins did a good job directing - the action scenes in particular offered a bit more variation in look compared to other comic book movies. This is due in part to the locations used and to WW's weapons of choice (bracelets, sword, shield, and lasso). The lasso in particular was great to watch in action.

Overall, I enjoyed Wonder Woman, and although I have a couple of quibbles, there's nothing that spoiled the movie for me.

I recommend you go see it in IMAX.



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