Seven Questions for Ashley Graham

Greetings, Earthlings! It's Monday and time once again to lure an unsuspecting writer to my blog to grill them with my #SevenQuestions.

Ashley Graham is currently buried in edits for her debut novel, All The Stars Left Behind, which will be released in 2018 by Entangled Teen. You can follow Ashley by checking out the links below. But first...the questions...

1 - Which actor/actress would you love to see play your characters in a movie adaptation?

Kristofer Hivju is exactly who I pictured for ALL THE STARS LEFT BEHIND's Uncle Arne. I saw him as Tormund Giantsbane in GoT and it was this instant...AHA! YES! And Mads Sjøgård Pettersen is Roar Bakke exactly! For Leda, my kick ass heroine, someone like Taapsee Pannu would be perfect!

2 - Leather or lace?

Being a vegan, leather is out for me lol! Lace is kind of scratchy, but if it's over a top of a satiny texture, bring it on!

3 - What is your biggest phobia?

Don't laugh.... My biggest phobia is people not liking me. How sad is that?! *hides forever*

4 - On the days you're not feeling motivated, what will inspire you or kick you in the butt to get going?

Honestly, any form of media entertainment ALWAYS inspires me. Books, shows, films, YouTube videos, you name it!

5 - Paper or plastic (books I mean...physical book or e-reader?)

I love physical books, but with my health deteriorating (thanks, Chiari!), reading with the Kindle app on my phone is easy to hold!

6 - One piece of advice for new writers?

This is a two parter. First, write & read (it's synonymous!) and second, get connected. Other writers can be the best friends. Someone who understands it all, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to be that support you might not find in a non-writer friend. Twitter is a very good place to start, and Instagram, too. Check out the writerly hashtags and reach out to others!

7 - What's the easiest part of writing for you?

Coming up with out-of-this-world plots, characters, and technology. I have a scifi addiction ;)

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  2. Gareth and Ashley, this one is great! Ashley, home run with this one! You handled the grilling and gave such an amazing interview! Lively and fun! Looking forward to your upcoming release! *smiles*


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