TwitterTag...Baring my Soul

I was tagged by Holly Evans on Twitter and challenged to answer some personal, rather than book related, questions. You can hop over to Holly's blog chaosfoxwriting to check out her answers...and in the meantime, here are mine:

One. What’s your biggest fear?

That I'm not ACTUALLY immortal. I mean, so far this immortality thing has been a breeze, but I hear it's harder to manage when you get up into your 60s and 70s.

Two. What’s your happiest memory?

This is a tough one. I don't really have one stand out moment. Self-publishing my own book is up there though.

Three. What’s your five year plan?

lol. To have a five year plan would mean having a plan. I don't look too far ahead since that's how plans go awry. However, for the next year (or two) I want to write a fistful of books and hopefully go somewhere warm for a vacation. (And head back to Scotland to visit all my pale relatives)

Four. What’s your favorite non-sexual intimate contact?

Getting my hair washed. If feels good getting the noggin kneaded.

Five. What’s your dream date? Money’s no issue.

A nice meal in a warm place near the ocean with Jennifer Garner lol. Love the sound of waves. And eating.

Six. What’s your song?

I don't have a song. If I would have to have a funky bassline.

Seven. What’s the most amazing thing someone’s said about you?

I have no idea. I can't take compliments well so I cringe and tune them out. lol

Eight. If you could have any possible superpower, what would you choose?

Wolverine's healing factor...just in case I'm not actually immortal. (see Q1)

Nine. What’s your guilty pleasure film?

13 going on 30. Jennifer Garner is adorable in it. And she does the Thriller dance. What's not to love?

Ten. What’s your best physical feature?

My hearing ability. I'm like a bat.

Eleven. If you could be remembered for one personality trait, what would you want that to be?

My decency.

Twelve. What are your non-writing/book related hobbies?

I am a comic book and movie geek. And if you can combine those two things I'm in heaven.

Thirteen. What does an ideal night out look like to you?

If I can be coaxed out the house then it would be best if the evening involved some drinks and lots of laughter. It's likely to involve going to see a movie too. And intelligent or fun conversation.

Fourteen. What’s the biggest risk you ever took? Did it pay off?

Similar to Holly, I gave up my job, packed up my life and moved to the United States. On the whole I'd say it's worked out very well in my favor. It's certainly paid off.

There ya go. I hope you enjoyed the answers.



  1. Great answers! Wolverine's healing factor would be awesome. \o/ I know what you mean about compliments I get flustered. Same with people giving me gifts. I'd rather they not.

    Where were from originally if you moved to the US?

  2. I love your sense of humour in your answers :D Wolverine's healing is a great choice! I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the crazy big country hopping thing too lol.

  3. @ Combustible Reviews - Thanks for the comment. I'm originally from Scotland! Spent most of my life by the North Sea so moving to the midwest was a culture shock to say the least :)

    @chaosfoxwriting - lol Thanks for tagging me! Yeah, there have been moments when i wonder if I've lost my mind, but moving countries wasn't one of them :)


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