The Hunting of Featherclad

Soon I will have the first of what, I hope, will be a series of interesting and enlightening AUTHOR INTERVIEWS. I realize these pop up everywhere but I intend to add my own little slant to proceedings and hopefully keep them interesting. I'm also going to be talking to a diverse range of writers covering many genres and at many different points in their writing careers. With any luck there will be good information for everyone, from the newest of newbies to the most experienced of old heads.

So, come back MONDAY 26th for my first interview. I'll be talking to my good friend VALERIE HAIGHT.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a fun and filling Thanksgiving. I figured I'd keep it light this evening and offer another silly poem I wrote...twenty years ago.

Again, I was working on some background stuff for stories and this just popped into my head. I used to love the antagonistic relationship between pairs of cartoon characters and wanted to come up with something based in a real world setting. It eventually turned into a children's story which, if I can ever find it, I may try and do something with.

Here we have a short poem about a cat (Padfoot) and his attempt to capture a cocky little bird (Featherclad).


A sleak and sneaky Hangman's rope.
A flash of feathers on its way.
Starlit eyes betrayed your hope.
Featherclad has flown away.

I saw your evil smile agape,
a graceful speed, a pad-foot pounce.
God gave you the hunting shape,
a lethal eye, a silent bounce.

Alice would, of you, be proud
sporting best Cheshire smile.
Featherclad took applause and bowed
and you sat down to wait...a while.



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