NaNoWriMo is upon us and it's time for all you writers to lock yourselves in your respective writing dungeons, shun the world, family, friends and forego television, movies and proper sustenance.

Are you ready? I am. Sort of.

I have an idea but no clue how I'm going to write it. Still not even sure if it's going to be in first person or third or a mix of the two. I know the characters and basic gist of where I want the story to go but the little details elude me.

Typically, I'm a slow starter and require a big push at the end to reach the 50k word target. This will be my third year and so far I have two victories under my belt. What is a victory? With NaNoWriMo its really straightforward: just write. You are aiming for 50,000 words, or more, but 50k will win you a nice certificate. You don't worry about spellcheck, editing or spending too much time on any given moment. You write...and write. And at the end of it all you'll have 50,000 words towards your next best seller. Perhaps.

Another benefit of NaNoWriMo is that it puts you in touch with other writers. There are events all over the place where NaNoWriMos can meet up and have writing sessions. Or you can hook up online with some writing buddies and track their progress, mocking when you overtake them and knuckling down when they blow by you after a productive weekend. If you're a writer and you're in a rut, this is the perfect way to find your mojo again.

I will be there again. Look me up (Spartagus) if you need a writing buddy.

Sign up now at: NaNoWriMo

Hope to see you there. Good luck and happy writing.



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