Carey Heywood's Evil Twin (not really) Interview

Where there are Jedi, there are Sith; for every Gryffindor, a Slytherin and in a world where there is chocolate there are also creepy, multi-legged, speedy, crawly things, which run up pant legs and bite you on your ghoulies. (special thanks to ten year old me for the word ghoulies).

And, for the purposes of this blogpost, where there is a writer, there must also be an EVIL TWIN! ...MWAHAHAHA...


Okay, maybe not EVIL per se, but, writers do talk to themselves a lot. (Some of them are only capable of holding conversations with their characters!)

So, with another book to be released in a matter of moments...and likely wrapping up another by the end of this interview...I welcome back to my corner of space - CAREY HEYWOOD - the wonderfully sweet, and sweet-toothed author of STAGES OF GRACE.

Gorgeous cover!!

Only this time she's not getting the questions...

...this time I'm going to talk to her EVIL TWIN and ask all the weird crap I deleted from the last interview...


1 Have you ever been arrested?


2 Leather or lace?

Hmmm, both! Lol!

3 If you could erase or redo one moment from your past, what would it be?

I wouldn't have turned around. I would have kept walking right up the stairs.

4 What's the wildest thing you've ever done...with your clothes on (or mostly on)?

Rocky Point Mexico...the whole trip. That's all I'm admitting to.

5 If you could swap places with someone for a day...who? and why them?

An astronaut, the idea of seeing earth, from space. Whoa...

6 What's your favorite curse word?


7 What word do you end up using instead (when there are kids around, for example)?


8 Who would you like to play you in a movie version of your life?

Someone funny like Zooey Deschanel.

9 Who do you think the producers would actually cast?

Hmmm, someone unknown because my life isn't that interesting...or is it?

10 A sudden world Swedish Fish shortage means you have to resort to your #2 candy of choice...what do you nibble on now?

Cadbury Creme Eggs...or Twix, or KitKats, or Sour Patch Kids, or Jelly Beans, or non candy snacks like ice cream or Oreos. I'm crazy healthy.

11 If you weren't able to write novels, how would your creativity manifest itself?

I knit, I make jewelry, I've tried DIY stuff...not so good at that.

12 Reveal a physical talent you have or secret super power you haven't previously revealed to your writer friends.

I'm double jointed and have hitchhiker thumbs...Karen (Karen Y Bynum) might know that. I can hula hoop for an absurdly long time.

13 If you could change one physical thing on your body what would it be?

I would love to not be blind. I'm not actually blind but, I do have really sucky eyes. Someday I'll get LASIK. (Greetings fellow moleperson!)

14 Have you ever lied to get out of something so that you could write instead?


15 You're stranded in the forest with a crazy killer...rig traps and take him out or grab the map off the wall and hightail it out of there?

I'm sorry I didn't hear you...I'm too busy running the EF away...

16 What's your biggest phobia?

Unseen sea type critters in large bodies of water. (Yes. This. *gulp*)

17 Aside from your family, what do you love the most in life?


18 Would you rather face your answer to 16 or lose your answer to 17?

Holy, crap...I'm really friggin scared of sea monsters...I don't know. If I faced a sea monster I believe death would be probable. I can't see living without books though. Crap. Um. You. Suck. (tee hee)

19 Something cheesy about you that we can all make fun of...(hobby or guilty movie pleasure)?

I LOVE Avatar the Last Airbender. I am a purist and am only speaking of the original cartoon not, the travesty of a live action movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Why the hell couldn't he pronounce Aang's name right. UGH!

20 If you won $100 million on the lottery tomorrow would you still write?

Yep, but I'd do a whole lotta other crap too!

Thank you so so so so so (you get the idea!) much!


Thank you Carey's Evil Twin! Carey can be found feasting on the remains of her vanquished foes...wait, sorry, that's a whole other thing. Scratch that.

Carey would like you to know that her new book is called STAGES OF GRACE and it's awesome. Don't believe her? Then ask me...

YOU: Hey, Gareth, what's up?

ME: Holla!

YOU: Stages of Grace sounds like it might be awesome, what did you think?

ME: It IS awesome. Check out my review here: Goodreads review!

YOU: Sweet! Hey, what's up with your Gumby hair in your profile pic?


So, there you go. Can't argue with that. Right? *thousand yard stare*

Carey has two novels available HERE RIGHT NOW for only 99c! 

Carey can be found here - TWITTER, here - GOODREADS and here - FB AUTHOR PAGE. She also writes here - CAREY'S BLOG

Stages of Grace will be available Monday


  1. The Things up your trouser leg are called Goolies. Ghoulies are things that hide under your bed or under a bridge or - even in your clothes closet!!! Go on - have a look - if you dare!!! (maniacal laughter in an echo chamber follows)

  2. Thank you oldtimer...and stop playing with your echo chamber. It's annoying.

  3. Awesome interview Carey and Gareth! Y'all are too funny! :D I gots to say that shitcrickets is so my fave curse word too! LOL Congrats on your upcoming release! I'm ready to buy my copy as soon as it hits Amazon tomorrow morning!


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