Dec 5, 2016

Seven Questions for Kerriann Curtis

Say hello to the wonderful Kerriann Curtis, this week's victim of my #SevenQuestions! 

I met Kerriann on twitter and she was all, "That doesn't look difficult. I could answer your dumb questions."

And I was all, "Yeah? You think so?"

And she was like,
"Pfft. Uh-huh."

So I sent them and she answered them, like super-fast. And then I was all, "Huh. Well, it'll be December before I can post these."

And then she got all up in my business and was like, "Whatever. I can wait. BOOOM." *mic drop*

Or something like that. lol. I may have embellished somewhat. My memory isn't the best.

Anyway, go check out Kerriann's answers and don't forget to check her links at the end!

1 - If you weren’t able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself?

I would love to say that if I weren’t able to write, I would seamlessly transition to painting, sculpting or even dance but honestly these hands were made to write. I would realistically be a teacher (think Mary Poppins meets Mrs. Frizzle), it’s something that I still think about going back to school for and doing anyway.

2 - Are you scared of running out of ideas?

I’m not scared of running out of ideas as much as I am scared of how to execute those ideas in a thoughtful and engaging way that people will be moved by.

3 - Have you ever lied to get out of doing something so that you could write instead?

I don’t think you can call yourself a writer until you’ve done this.

4 - On the days you’re not feeling motivated what will inspire you or kick you in the butt to get you going?

Music. Music is my air, my lifeline to another world where I can escape the mundane of the everyday. The day music stops inspiring me to write, and better myself through my words is the day I put down my pen.

5 - One piece of advice for new writers?

Always carry pen and paper with you everywhere. If you have an idea, write that shit down immediately. Don’t trust yourself to remember it until you can get back to your computer because 9 times out of 10 you won’t. Write it down when it’s fresh in your mind!!

6 - Biggest Phobia?

I have a lot of irrational fears, but number one is roaches. I don’t know what it is about them, but even if I see one dead, belly up I lose it. Scorpions too, but they sting so I wouldn’t say it’s irrational to be afraid of those scary little buggers.

7 - Favorite curse word?

Anyone who knows me knows I am, what my father calls an FMI (Foul Mouthed Individual). That being said, my favorite curse word OF COURSE is Fuck. It’s so versatile. It carries so much weight on its own, and can be combined in countless ways for maximum effect. Hooray sentence enhancers!

Please take a moment to check out Kerriann's links:

Here are the links to my book and twitter. When I'm not writing poetry, I can be found writing, editing and co-running Wordkrapht, a website that focuses on the independent artist.

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Nov 22, 2016

Seven Questions for Shay West

Don't say you don't get high quality guests on my blog. This week we have a DOCTOR in the house. Not satisfied with just being Dr West, Shay is also a writer and she kindly agreed to stop by and answer my decidedly undoctorly questions. Please check out her social media and book links below. Now, over to the Doctor...

1 - If you could swap places with someone for a day...who? and why?

I’d love to switch places with Taylor Swift just to see what it would be like to have unlimited money to travel and to be on stage singing to thousands of adoring fans!

2 - Leather or lace?

I own a corset that is both of these...

3 - Who would play YOU in a movie version of your life?

I would love to have Emma Stone play me in a movie. She is spunky, hilarious, and super good at karaoke!

4 - If you won $100 million on the lottery would you still write?

Absolutely! I’d still probably keep my day job too (biology professor)

5 - Can you just sit down and write or do certain things: location, music, ambience, time of day, need to be right?

I can’t write in complete silence and I can’t write if there’s music playing. I have to have some kind of background noise like a movie or TV series I’ve already seen so that I’m not paying too much attention to it.

6 - What's the easiest part of writing for you?

I seem to do pretty good with dialog. My characters talk to me and I just type what they’re saying. I think it helps me to keep it sounding realistic and not dry or stilted

7 - Sweet or sour?

I love sour! After finishing a package of sour Skittles, I like to dip my finger in the sour powder.

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Shay West was born in Longmont, CO and earned a doctorate degree in Human Medical Genetics from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical. Dr. West currently lives in Grand Junction, CO with her cat, packrat, and bearded dragon. When not writing novels, she plays with plushie microbes and teaches biology classes at Colorado Mesa University. She is the author of the Portals of Destiny series, the Adventures of Alexis Davenport series, Organ Reapers, and Soul Reapers. She has also been published in several anthologies: Battlespace (military scifi), Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior (fund raiser), Ancient New (steampunk/fantasy), and Horror in Bloom.
Book links (All are 99c):

The Chosen: Book One of the Portals of Destiny

Organ Reapers: An Eli and Ava Novel

Dangerous Reflections: Adventures of Alexis Davenport Book One

Nov 21, 2016

Cover Reveal - All the Stars Left Behind

I am very pleased to be a part of the cover reveal for Ashley Graham's new book "All the Stars Left Behind"

Check out the links below to pre-order your copy now!

all the stars left behind

All the Stars Left Behind by Ashley Graham 
Published by Entangled Teen
Release Day: June 6, 2017 

Book Description: For some, a weakness. For her, a weapon… I can barely walk. I won’t ever run. But I will win this war. I never asked to be a part of an intergalactic war, but when I step between a gunman and the enigmatic but irresistible boy Roar, getting shot reveals the truth behind every mystery in my life. Turns out Roar is an alien and his people are at war with the race that enslaved his—and I’m the key to ending it all. Except now the enemy knows about me. And they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way. The good guys want to use me. The bad guys want to kill me. I’ve got plans of my own. After a lifetime of being less than normal, I finally have the strength to fight back—even if I have to sacrifice everything I love.

About the Author:


Ashley Graham lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son. She was born in Canada, has lived in the United Kingdom and Norway, and has worked in busy offices, dusty shipping warehouses, quaint English pubs, and Michelin starred Scottish kitchens. Ashley lives with Chiari Malformation type 1, a neurological disorder that causes debilitating migraines, constant headaches, muscle weakness, hearing loss, distorted vision, hair loss, and many more uncomfortable and painful symptoms. She wears a wig, which is way better than her bio hair. Her debut novel, All The Stars Left Behind, releases in 2017 from Entangled Teen.

Nov 14, 2016

Seven Questions for Lo-arna Green

It's #SevenQuestions time again. Lucky number twelve on the blog is Lo-arna Green. Just to prove that not all writers who appear on my blog are from North America, Lo-arna is a writer and poet who hails from the spider-infested hellscape of Australia. Not only have the spiders not gotten her yet, but she also had time to answer a few of my silly questions. Be sure to check out her links at the end of the interview!

1 - Who would play you in a movie version of your life?

Someone very clumsy and gremlin-like.

2 - If you weren't able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself?

I always wanted to be an actress, more so than a writer. My Mum thought I was funny. She used to say, “acting won’t pay the bills, you need a back up job. What will that be?” I would always answer the same, “writing,” she would laugh and shake her head. I’m not a conventional person. I never will be… so I guess I would do that if I wasn’t able to write. I would love to paint and draw beautifully but I am severely lacking in that art department.

3 - Are you scared of running out of ideas?

Sure. I also worry my ideas suck, but I figure words will never go away so as long as there are words, I will find something to write about.

4 - Sweet or sour?


5 - Sun or Moon?

Both are beautiful but I’m going to go with sun since I’m usually always cold.

6 - Favorite curse word?

FUCK. So much flavour and diversity.

7 - Leather or lace?

Lace, definitely.

Short and sweet. Thank you for stopping by Lo-arna.






Nov 7, 2016

Seven Questions for Trina Gunzel

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed there was no #SevenQuestions last week. A small dose of the plague, and Halloween ghostliness, drained all my energy. However, I'm back, stronger and little less plaguey than before, and I bring you a FIRST for my blog.

Trina Gunzel is today's answerer of the #SevenQuestions and she's predominantly a NON-FICTION writer! Never had a non-fiction writer on here before. I didn't know how to conduct myself. I hope she wasn't too terrified answering my barrage of questions. Anyway, Trina was kind enough to stop by and join in the fun so...take it away Trina!

1. If you could swap places with someone for a day...who? and why?

I tend to write family keepsake boooks, children's books and educational resources, so the first thing that popped into my head with this question wasTinkerbell. Why? My nickname has been Tinkerbell since I was little and what's not to like? Being able to fly around dressed all cutesy with sparkles and a sassy attitude fixing things...sounds like a magical dream come true to me! I love to travel and would love to be able to help more people as quickly as possible with things that really matter and would make a big difference in their life.

2. Leather or lace?

Oh, it's lace for me. Beautiful, elegant, sheer...gorgeous, fun! And...that's all I'm going to share about that.

3. Who would play you in a movie version of your life.

Well, because I've been teased about this, I'm going to go with June Cleaver. Yes, I make cutesy things for my kids, yes, sometimes I wear an apron baking with my daughter, yes, I like to decorate for holidays and have dinner made and ready for my family every night...Although...I feel more like Jlo or Salma Hayek in modern times. I have a fun, spunky, sassy attitude, a great sense of humor, love to love on those I care about and will go to bat for my friends and family. I can work really hard and also love to doll up all "beautified" for big events. I also love to write songs, dance, and cook, so a combination of those three women would be perfect. LOL!

4. If you weren't able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself?

I am an author/illustrator so my creativity would manifest itself in artwork. Sometimes I like to create an entire story with only the art pieces, then go back and write the story. I also enjoy variety so whatever is messy and allows me to be creative, I would use: oil pastels, acryllics, pencil, pen, chalk, charcoal, watercolors...just let me paint or draw and I'm happy. I can always be found with a sketchbook and pencil, just in case I have an artistic outlet emergency. Doodling does wonders for me!

5. Are you scared of running out of ideas?

This question made me laugh! I have a lot of curly hair and have been said that is because I have so many ideas just trying to get out. A lack of ideas has never been my problem. There are piles of notebooks in my home with story starts and art pieces sketched out. I just need to get them all to print and out to readers! I'm excited to have my third published book coming out soon and the second one in my family keepsake series of twelve children's books in the pre launch publicity faze. I have a heart for families and after this sweet side of books, want to do a sassy side, too. As long as there is life, nature, and experiences, I will have ideas.

6. Which writer has influenced you most?

I would have to say Jan Brett has influenced me most. She is a very famous children's book Author/Illustrator. She sent a wonderful packet (well, her publisher did) when I was teaching full time and we couldn't book her because she was so busy on tour. I remember thinking, I'm going to do that someday! I was able to see her in person when she toured through Springfield, Missouri and saw her do an illustration example in person. I have so much to offer with my degrees in education, over ten years teaching experience, and seventeen years working as an educational consultant, I write to encourage and inspire individuals and especially families. Writing has always been such a joy to me and something I absolutely love doing.

7. One piece of advice for new writers?

The best advice someone ever gave me was to continue writing and submitting to publishers until my rejection letters papered the walls of a room. Before every space on the walls are covered, you will be published. I allowed fear of not being published to hold me back for too long. As soon as I put together an organized plan, self published two books, and had all of my social media channels up and running, I was signed by a wonderful publishing company for my third book. If you put the effort and time in, you will reach any writing goals you set for yourself. Just do it!

Thanks again for including me Gareth! (Gus) That was fun!

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Oct 24, 2016

Seven Questions for Jewel E. Leonard

Jewel is, as her name implies, a gem of a person. Kind and supportive to other writers, her 'bored writers chat' hashtag - #BoWriChat - is the reason I know two of the other writers you've already seen on my #SevenQuestions features - Vania Rheault and Ashley Graham.

Jewel took a break from her busy writing schedule to humor me and appear on my silly blog. Be sure to check out her links below and follow her on social media.

And now, Jewel's seven questions...

1. Which actor/actress would you love to see play your characters in a movie adaptation?

I have a whole dream cast list for the characters in my Witches' Rede series.

Colin O'Donoghue (Hook from Once Upon a Time) would play Rafaele, Emma Stone for Maeve. Mario Lopez as Francisco.

Christopher Lloyd as Stilwell (Doc Brown heavily inspired that character), Orlando Bloom as Milton, Mila Kunis as Alexis, Kaley Cuoco as Caitlin.

David Tennant as Mr. Davidson (another actor who heavily inspired the character--including his name!), Tom Hiddleston as Ahlman.

Will Smith as Monroe, Johnny Depp (in a lot of old-man makeup) as Jethro.

Basically, a movie series based off my books would have the sexiest cast of all time. :)

2. If you weren't able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself?

I am a Jackie of many trades and master of none. That is, if I couldn't write,I have plenty of other creative interests to keep me busy. I knit, crochet, and make beaded jewelry. I love photography (flowers, animals, and landscapes primarily). I enjoy drawing (never said I was good at it) and painting (see drawing). And there are a ton of other random crafts and skills I'd love to someday learn.

3. Are you scared of running out of ideas?

Only always! But then I see my list of story ideas and think by the time I get through finishing all those (finishing The Witches' Rede before those--at 9 books--will be a feat all its own!), I'm sure I'll have a list at least as long of new ideas. Plus I've got a storage bin in the garage filled with half-finished stories from my youth (the ideas were sound, execution was poor).

My bigger fear is not finishing everything before I die.

4. Have you ever lied to get out of doing something so that you could write instead?

Oh, once or twice. Mostly I lie about being too busy to go out for social gatherings because "I want to write" isn't a good enough reason to most people for not socializing.

I've also lied about taking notes in class. Which I totally don't recommend doing, btw. ;p

5. If you won $100 million on the lottery would you still write?

Absolutely! But then I could afford to go to the places I write about later in my Witches' Rede series (parts of Europe, Asia, and Indonesia) and in other stories (Pompeii, Central Mexico) for firsthand experience.

I'm obviously not writing for the money (though the money would be nice). I write the books I want to read and no amount of money is going to make those books magically materialize. So it's up to me to write them. ;)

6. Can you just sit down and write or do certain things: location, music, ambience, time of day, need to be right?

In terms of ambience, music, location, time: I'm a mom, I kind of have to be able to just sit down and write when, where, and how I can. I have no set schedule (see earlier "mom" comment), and I now work a full-time job around both kids (one of whom requires therapy during the week) . . .

The only thing I feel I really need in order to write is inspiration. I can of course write without it but I'm 100% certain my readers can tell when the juices were flowing and when they dried up. This is partly why it takes me so long to finish things. I know writing only when inspiration flows isn't what the greats recommend but while writing is not my chief source of income, I'd really rather not treat it like yet another job. If I have fun while I'm writing, my readers will, too. At least that's my hope! :)

7. Which of your characters would you like to date?


No. Wait.

Actually, honestly, I'd prefer Surfer Boy (from the Rays of Sunshine series) over Rafaele because Surfer Boy is far more mellow. On paper, Raf sounds great. In real life I don't know how much I'd enjoy his temper (I wouldn't, not at all).

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Oct 17, 2016

Seven Questions for Andrew F. Butters

Answering #SevenQuestions this week is Andrew Butters, another of the Canadian crew of writers I've had the privilege of associating with. He's taking a break from building Lair North, Eh?™ which he has assured us has nothing to do with world domination...except in a writing capacity. Currently it's just a room with bookcases and writing desk, but if you ask me there's still enough room for lasers and a space shuttle.

Andrew is a keen, and vocal, supporter of his fellow writers...and the Toronto Blue Jays. (Well, nobody's perfect.) So, it's my great pleasure to turn it over to Andrew and please check out his links at the end. Add. Follow. Subscribe. You know the deal! :)

1 - If you weren't able to write, how would your creativity manifest itself?

Photography. I didn't start writing until I was well into my 30's. Around the same time my fingers started twitching for the keyboard I started taking photographs. It grew into a small business where I would spell out people's names with photographs of things that look like letters. I've stopped doing that now, but still enjoy taking photographs. If I wasn't able to write I'd photograph everything. As it is I am lucky to have a decent camera on my phone so I can capture moments when I don't have my DSLR on me.

2 - Are you scared of running out of ideas?

Bwahahahaha! Not in the least. I am the king of starting things. My problem is I have too many ideas bubbling to the surface at once. Ideas are everywhere and I try to write them down as soon as they come to me so I don't forget. I need to get better at finishing the big, ongoing stuff before tackling them but I'm never afraid I'll run out.

3 - On the days you're not feeling motivated, what will inspire you or kick you in the butt to get going?

Everyone in the writers' group that I co-founded on Facebook. We're a small collection of writers with a wide variety of experience and writing credits but we all have one thing in common: mutual respect and support for everyone in the group. If I'm ever stuck, or "not feeling it", I know all I need to do is send out a quick note to the group and I'll have several people right there helping me out. There are a few in particular that I am closer with and I know that I can send them a text or email at any point and they'll be brutally honest with me and kick my ass if needed.

4 - Which writer has influenced you most?

It's funny because he's not much of a writer in the traditional sense in terms of style and content. In fact, he would have never referred to himself as a writer, mostly because he's a Nobel Prize winning physicist. He is Dr. Richard Feynman and he had a way of explaining physics and telling stories about the world around him that captured my attention. Every time I sit down to write I try to tell the story in a way that Feynman would appreciate.

5 - Paper or plastic (physical book or e-reader?)

I have an e-reader. It's Kobo Glo and I quite like it. It's easy on the eyes when I read at night and packs a whole lot of books into one small package. I even wrote a blog post about it. Spoiler alert: I didn't think I would like it. Now, all that being said, if I had to choose between reading a physical book or reading it on an e-reader I would choose the book 100% of the time. I simply love the feel of a book in my hand (and yes, I have been known to smell books before. A few times. A lot. It's not a problem; stop judging me!) I'm also amassing a collection of books that my friends have written. I am renovating a room in my basement and turning it into a dedicated writing room and I will have a shelf / bookcase of books written by people I know, along with my copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. Physical books are my inspiration, especially the ones penned by the people I care about.

6 - Sun or Moon?

The moon fascinates me and I could spend every night that it is visible photographing it but I am sun worshiper. I love a nice bright day regardless of what season it is. Living in Southern Ontario, Canada, we are fortunate enough to experience four distinct seasons, sometimes all in one day. But, if the sun is shining you can't wipe the smile off my face. The sun gave our planet life and that significance is emphasized with every sunrise and sunset I am fortunate enough to witness.

7 - Favorite curse word?

I suspect I'm not alone in this when I say that my favourite curse word is "Fuck" and all of its derivatives. For the record, I don't think there are bad words. I think that context and intent are more significant than the utterance of a single word or phrase. As such, I swear a lot. I don't utilize it in much of my writing, but if I think a word belongs somewhere and that word happens to be a cuss word I'm going to use it. Fuck it, I say, and fuck the fucking fuckers who disagree!. Fuck is so fucking versatile you can use it in just about any situation and as any part of speech. Fuckin' A.

Blog: Potato Chip Math
Twitter: @andrewbutters
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Instagram: andrewbutters
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Photography: Andrew Butters on Flickr
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