Movies of 2012 (part 4)

So, I've watched a pile of movies lately, mostly while I've been avoiding my current writing project. I've not been overly enthused by any of the newer movies and so far, this year, the best movies I've seen are all older movies. Here are another 3 reviews for the pile...

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Goofy comedy that won Marisa Tomei a Best Supporting Actress Oscar that about knocked the critics off their high chairs. This is one of those movies I always find while browsing through the channels and always end up watching. It's very silly but Joe Pesci is likable as Vinny, the loud-mouth New York lawyer out of his depth in the South.(As usual Pesci's wig seems to have a mind of its own!)  Tomei also shines as his patient  yet hot-blooded girlfriend. And for those with long memories, check out Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) as the judge! 3 bad wigs out of 5

Attack the Block (2011)

British sci-fi, horror, comedy which got a lot of rave reviews. I wanted to enjoy this movie more than I did. It was a standard alien invasion premise with an interesting setting: a housing block (called Projects in the US) and a different bunch of characters to root for. The effects were decent and the aliens interesting but somehow it just didn't add up to a better movie.

I think it let itself down most with the tone of the movie. In trying hard to be many things it succeeded in being none of them. The comedy element didn't always work and I thought the social commentary was heavy-handed at times too. That being said John Boyega one of several newcomers in the movie, put in a good performance as Moses, showing both sides of his character: the tough hoodlum and the sad, lonely kid from a broken home, really well. Sadly though it just lacked something and I'll have to give this 2 glow in the dark teeth out of 5.

Poltergeist (1982)

A classic from the early 80's, this movie still stands up against modern scary movies. Sure, the effects look a little dated in places, specifically the models and animated shots but you shouldn't let that stop you from watching it. The acting is brilliant throughout, there's an air of the natural about the family and how it operates together which just makes you pull for them all the more. Craig T. Nelson is great as the dad and JoBeth Williams is superb as the mom but the movie is most well known for the tiny, blonde-headed youngest daughter Carol Anne played with devastating cuteness by Heather O'Rourke.

The classic scene where Carol Anne announces the Poltergeist's arrival: [clip] "They're here."

There's a lot to enjoy about this movie and in particular the appearance of the peculiar Tangina is favorite of mine. Well worth it if you've got a spare Saturday night. I highly recommend this classic horror.

4 tennis balls out of 5


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