I'll sleep when I'm dead...

You may have noticed that the frequency of my posts has severly diminished in the last few months. This isn't due to a lack of interest or even due to the fact I'm chained and trapped in the basement (help me, these chains are chafing...), instead it's entirely to do with my lousy time management skills.

I mean to improve in the coming weeks but I'm trying to squeeze 28 hours worth of stuff into a 24 hour day. So, I either figure out to change the rotation of the Earth (my early calculations relied on having Superman available - turns out he's not due to the filming of his new movie) or, give up sleeping entirely.

Luckily (?) for me, I don't need much sleep to operate. Sure, I shamble along like a zombie and frighten small children when I point at them and growl "Braaaaiiinzzz" but, my four hours a night doesn't seem to be effe....zzzzzzzz...


As you can see, my lack of sleep barely effects my writing performance. This is a great relief since I'm currently working on edits.

"Gus, what pray tell are you working on? And why didn't you just do it right the first time, that way you wouldn't have to spend so much time editing the damn thing later?" I hear you ask.

Well, allow me to answer. My current WIP (which all good writers know stands for...ummm...Writing Is Painful...or something...its not important...) is a story based on characters and story ideas from a time when cell phones were the size of a medium sized family car and the year 2000 was like some kind of weird science fiction concept. Obviously, the year 2000 was a great disappointment and has since been downgraded to mediocre status but, the stories based around the fictional world of Dynamo City remain relevant and interesting. And it felt like the right time to bust them out and let The World take a look at them.

Now, I understand the World is often too busy to check out my stuff so I fully intend on starting a quest to find an Agent to help me change the World's fickle mind. So that means querying (a lot) and having joint pain from aggresive finger crossing each time I send a letter out.

First though: edits. And to answer the second question I imagined you asking a few moments ago, I'd like to say that editing is a like having an annoying little kid slapping the back of your head with a sock full of tangerines, for hours and hours. That's it. I haven't figured out the upside yet. I'm sure it helps though and is important. Everyone says so.

Anyway, that's the immediate plan. It may all end in tears but as a wise person once said: "Please stop touching my hair!"

Wait, that's the wrong quote...what I meant to say was...


...I'll get back to you on that.




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